Singapore is a center of many landmarks among them roads. Zion Road Condo There are ideally short and long roads. They form beautiful sceneries with their various stretches. Besides being many, some will always remain outstanding, and their fame keeps on growing and glowing.

Currently, Bukit Timah Road is a practical example that has a beautiful past and a convincing future. It can trace its foundation on 1845 when it was built. Just like any other road it has both flyovers and underpasses. Furthermore, it has some hidden facts that are out of sight for the conventional view.

Bukit Timah Road Near to Bukit 828 Condo

It runs from the city center in Singapore to Woodlands road that is on the way to Malaysia and precisely Johor Bahru. Additionally, it is one of the longest roads here enjoying a length of approximately 25km, which equals 15.5 miles. It got its name from the hill Bukit in the same location. It winds through some spots among them being Little India, Newton-road, and the Farrer one. Moreover, the Bukit Timah Road also cuts through some other scenery like gardens. More precisely, it cuts through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is a fantastic destination when using this road.

The road also has some features that many know little concerning them. At Newton Circus, it splits into two different routes that are the westbound Bukit Timah Road and the eastbound Dunearn Road. Some essential junctions on the way also exist as either north end or south end. On the northern part, there are the Bukit Panjang and the Choa Chu Kang that comprise the major ones. As for the latter, there are the little India and Kellang junctions.

Bukit 828 Condo Close to Upper Bukit Timah Roiad

When trailing on it, you will possibly encounter some remarkable landmarks that dot the borderlines of the road. They will form an array, but some are still impossible to forget. Along with it, there is the The Myst CDL Anglo-Chinese School, Balmoral, and the Coronation plazas. Singapore Institute of Management and the National Junior college are some of the institutions of higher learning that border it. As for parks, there are King Albert and the Kampong Java Park.

Upper Bukit Timah Road Recreation Activities Available

When you are finally on the wheels using Bukit Timah Road, some offbeat destinations are purposely for recreation. Often they will include hotels, cafeterias, pubs and the likes. With its unwavering fame, you can be sure to find many of such destinations. They are ideally innumerable due to the protracted nature of the road, but you cannot downsize some powerful ones. There is the Grumpy Bear on Bukit Timah Plaza, Indian Curry house, Caruso, Pink Candy and many more.

During its building, the area where it rests was populated with tigers that were a serious menace. Around 1860 on this same road, around 200 peoples lost their lives due to stabbing from Park Hill these cats. In the 1940s, it was involved in wars between Japanese and the British. In fact, the army from Tampines Ave 11 Condo Japan used it as a defensive stand in 1942. On the upper road is where the British surrendered to the Japanese thus giving this road a war zone trait. All along there has been enormous progress as some of these past has faded. As at now, the Bukit Timah
is a road that offers an ideal environment to do business.